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E-Outdoor is here to help you in every way we can. Our staff have varied outdoor interests ranging from Hill-Walking with their dogs to Ice climbing, Trail & Marathon Running, Mountain Biking and Climbing, so if you need friendly advice we are here to offer it. Throughout our site, you'll find our email and telephone contact numbers so please don't hesitate to use them.

We guarantee that your personal information will be kept secure and private. We do not sell or rent information to any third parties. We are members of our Trade Associations and our company has been trading for just under 10 years.

Changing Currencies

You have the option to purchase in £'s or Euro's if delivery is within the EEC and £'s, Euro's or US$'s for delivery outside the EEC. Just click the relevant flag at the top of the right-hand menu and all the shop pages will be altered to your chosen currency.

Finding What You Want

To search for a particular item, you can . . .

either:- type a word or phrase into the search box on the right-hand menu

or:- use the menu on the left to click to your desired category or take a look at each category homepage. You'll find our editors' recommendations for the latest great products, together with any reviews, interviews, features and special offers.

Step-by-step Guide to Ordering

Find it

  • type a keyword in the search box at the top of each page browse the product lists check out the bestseller lists and features

Read all about it - then select it

  • click the 'Add to Basket' button to store it - if you want to get something else hit the backspace on your keyboard and when you're ready, click the 'Checkout button at the top of the page.

Buy it

  • sign in using your e-mail address
  • fill in your address details if you have not done so before - you only need do this once
  • tell us where to deliver it select relevant shipping category
  • choose how you would like to pay - we welcome all major credit and debit cards check your order details
  • click the 'Submit Your Order' button to complete the transaction - remember, all your personal information is protected by the Outdoorgb security guarantee

Receive it

  • we'll send you e-mails confirming your order - you can mail us at any time or find our telephone number at the base of each page. If you are calling out of office hours and we are not available, please leave a message and we will come back to you promptly.

Security for customers using credit cards on the web

Putting card details into a web site requires an element of trust, as many of us are not sure what is happening to the information we are submitting or where it is going.

Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode have changed the way in which internet card transactions appear to customers. In particular some customers find they are transferred to their bank which shows a web page which looks different from our own web site. When this happens you will see that the page is secure and originates from your own bank. It is safe to enter your details on this page.

When you use your card on our site the details are entered onto a secure https:// page which is securely encrypted during transport over the internet so no one can read your card information. The card details are transferred to a processing centre and thence to your own card issuing Bank who are responsible for authorising your purchase under the new MasterCard Securecode and Verified by Visa schemes which we subscribe to.

We guarantee that we will never:

  • Pass on your financial details to anyone other than your bank and the card processors
  • Pass on any personal information gathered when you place an order
  • Sell or rent your details
  • We use cookies but we do not use or leave invasive technologies on your machine.

We use Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode to provide the highest level of security for our customers.