Inspired by their passion for the mountains and with over 50 years of experience designing world-class carry systems, Lowe Alpine’s range of adventure backpacks are versatile, stable, and built to last. Pioneering comfort and freedom of movement, they offer adaptable storage for any hiking, mountaineering or globetrotting adventure, whether you’re exploring rugged peaks or remote corners of the world.

From robust backpacking packs and high-volume travel backpacks, to the breathable AirZone daypacks built for pounding out miles on dusty trails, Lowe Alpine packs will inspire you to start planning your next adventure.

Designed to Last

Lowe Alpine take pride in producing quality hard-wearing backpacks which are designed to last. At the same time, they recognise the big challenges facing the outdoor equipment industry and are constantly seeking to reduce the impact of their business and make it fairer for everyone, reaching Fair Wear Leader status and pursuing a target of Net Zero by 2030. They are striving to become more sustainable, reducing their reliance on fluorocarbons, repairing and re-using worn gear, using ever more recycled fabrics, and improving the lives of the workers making their products.